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Nutmeg Oil Indonesia

Nutmeg or Myristica fragrans  is an evergreen tree indigenous to the moluccas, the famed spice islands of centuries ago which attracted Dutch to occupy Indonesia. The common nutmeg species that are widely used are now grown in various areas of Indonesia. Nutmeg oil is one of the most important essential oil produced in Indonesia. It...
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Nutmeg Oil for Export

The nutmeg tree, Myristica fragrans is indigenous to the Moluccas, Indonesia. The fruit contains a nut, which is covered by a hard shell. A red coloured webbing (known as mace) covers the shell. Once ripe the fruit will open revealing the mace and will fall to the ground to be collected or it can be picked just before...
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Ready Stock Palm Kernel Expeller for Export

We  offer our ready stock PALM KERNEL Expeller ( PKE) for any export destination. We can supply Total about 10.000 tons/ month and continuous production. PKE has a fairly high oil content which can be construed as a good source of metabolized energy for feed uses. Almost untraceable Aflatoxin can be contributed to low moisture...
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Copra Meal as A Feed for Dairy Cows

  Copra meal is a by-product in the manufacture of coconut oil from copra, the dried and broken pieces of the meat of coconuts. This oil meal is commonly used as a stock feed. It has high nutrients and boosts immune system of animals that can avoid using medicines. It helps to provide highly valuable...
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Bungkil Kopra untuk Pakan Ternak

Bungkil kopra (copra meal) atau bungkil kelapa adalah pakan sumber protein yang berasal dari pengolahan kopra menjadi minyak kelapa. Bungkil kopra di Indonesia harganya relatif murah dan merupakan sumber protein dan energi metabolis yang cukup baik di mana kandungan asam aminonya dapat membantu kekurangan asam amino pada bahan pakan lain. Kecernaan dan kualitasnya sangat rendah,...
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Bungkil Sawit, Alternatif Pakan Unggas

Banyak sekali pertanyaan yang masuk di sosial media kami, tentang apakah bungkil inti sawit atau palm kernel expeller/cake/meal bisa untuk pakan unggas, khususnya ayam? Pasalnya, selama ini pakan ternak merupakan variabel yang nilainya mencapai 60-70% dari total biaya produksi. Sebagian besar bahan baku, misal bungkil kedelai dan tepung ikan masih diimpor. Para peternak domestik tentu...
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RBD Palmolein CP10

PT IntiNusa Niaga Abadi (Inna) is an Exporter and Supplier of RBD Palm Olein CP10 from Indonesia. We have different Packaging options for Industrial and Retail purchasers. We are offering best price of RBD Palm Olein CP10  for Worldwide Destinations. For further information and business deal, just drop a message to: admin@inna.co.id
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Sapi Butuh Bungkil Sawit

Mengapa Sapi Butuh Bungkil Sawit?

  Bagi peternak yang hendak meningkatkan produksi ternaknya khususnya sapi, tidak cukup hanya dengan memberikan pakan rumput saja. Sapi sehat dan gemuk butuh asupan lain yang bisa mencukupi kebutuhan lemak, protein dan seratnya. Salah satu bahan baku pakan alternatif, yang bisa dimanfaatkan oleh para peternak sapi khususnya untuk penggemukan sapi adalah bungkil sawit. Selain jumlahnya […]
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supplying palm kernel expeller

Best Palm Kernel Expeller for Your Cows

Palm kernel expeller/cake is a feed by-product that is used by the livestock industries. Chemical composition of palm kernel cake varies depending on the type of the fruits palm, source of sample and method of processing oil extraction (screw pressing or solvent extraction). This review was carried out to examine the effect of palm kernel […]
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