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Copra Meal as A Feed for Dairy Cows


Copra meal is a by-product in the manufacture of coconut oil from copra, the dried and broken pieces of the meat of coconuts. This oil meal is commonly used as a stock feed. It has high nutrients and boosts immune system of animals that can avoid using medicines. It helps to provide highly valuable cow’s milk and meat and it is used in animal’s organic farming. The copra meal offered by us can be used for fodder such as horses, cattle, sheep, deer, chicken, turkey and pig. The protein content is ideal for animal fattening.

Copra meal is very palatable which makes it highly desirable for inclusion in rations for weaners and young stock. Due to the potential for mycotoxin contamination, copra meal is only suitable for inclusion in rations for juvenile or dry stock. Copra meal must not be fed to lactating stock due to the possibility of mycotoxin contamination in milk.

Product is of plant origin from GMO Free coconuts grown around the South Pacific. The toasted coconut aroma makes the product highly palatable which aids feed intake with fussy or juvenile stock. Good levels of ruminal by-pass protein. Excellent source of energy without the risks associated with feeding high starch energy sources such as grains.

The high oil content of copra meal makes it easy to spoil and the product should not be used after long storage. Which makes the copra meals are not good and the animals are impatient. Even if there are no obvious signs of rancidity, it can cause diarrhea for animals also

Copra Meal


Either individually or in combination with other protein sources.

Copra meal contains high-quality of protein has higher biological value.

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