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Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)

Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)

PT Intinusa Niaga Abadi is Supplying you Crude Palm Kernel Oil , and their derivates to meet the growing demand from market.

Crude palm kernel oil or CPKO is derived from palm kernel which is palm seed. It is a liquid at room temperature and light yellow in color and has unique strong taste and smell. 

The fatty acid composition, physical and chemical properties of palm kernel oil is very similar to those of coconut oil. Palm kernel oil mainly contains lauric acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid It has iodine value of 18.5 approximately. Due to high content of lauric acid and low level of unsaturation, gives the palm kernel oil its high melting point.



The Uses

Palm kernel oil and coconut oil are obtained from the oil palm and the coconut palm, respectively.

Palm kernel and coconut oils are classified as lauric oils due to their high levels of lauric acid (C12:0).

They are unique, as no other commodity plant oil contains more than 1% lauric acid. Unlike other commodity oils, the lauric oils (particularly coconut oil) contain mainly saturated fatty acids, making them highly resistant to oxidation.

Common food applications of the lauric oils include spreads, candies, and nondairy creamers. Lauric oils possess melting behavior similar to that of cocoa butter